St Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
161 N. Murphy Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Iconography Project

Glory to God… work is in progress on our iconography project!

Reader John Edwards, from the Protection of the Mother of God parish in Los Angeles, has begun the work of writing the icons for the Altar wall at St Herman’s. Initial work began almost a year ago when Reader John was here to take measurements and to sketch the layout of the Altar space. Using that as a foundation, he began work in his studio in Los Angeles to construct ‘to scale’ sketches of the icons intended for our church.

Much preparation work was done to select the best themes for the iconography, to research what paints and materials would serve best for this project, and to pass sketches back and forth with Fr Martin to come to an agreed-upon plan for the iconography.

Reader John has been commuting back and forth from LA for the past month or more now to begin the work. Some of the first images are beginning to take shape and they are looking wonderful! There is much, much more to come and we ask that all keep Reader John in their prayers – that God will guide and guard him throughout this process… that all will be done prayerfully and in accordance with God’s will.

Please come and see this ambitious and important work as it takes shape!

Check out an image gallery here.

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