St Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
161 N. Murphy Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086
St Herman's Feast Day 2018

On December 25th, we celebrated our Parish Feast Day of St Herman of Alaska! 

Archbishop KYRILL was greeted with the traditional bread and salt. Several local clergymen were on hand to concelebrate with us and parishioners from neighboring parishes joined in our festal prayers in honor of our patron saint. 

Thanks be to God, all went very well. The choir sang beautifully, the services were conducted with grace and reverence, and all in attendance united in prayer.

Following the Liturgy, our Reader Seraphim Chicks received a Gramata and a wood-carved icon in gratitude for his many years of service to our parish. Nadia Ungureanu also received a medal of the Order of St Elizabeth for her years of service to our founder, Archpriest John Ocana, who is ailing. May God grant both of these worthy recipients of honor many, many years!

Afterwards, all went to the neighboring parish hall of St Mark's for a festal meal. Many people participated to make this a great success!

Photos can be seen at the Image Gallery here.

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