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St Nicholas Day

On Tuesday, December 6/19, St Herman's celebrated the feast day of our holy hierarch and wonderworker Nicholas of Myra in Lycia.

Before the Vigil service began, we held our annual 'tree lighting ceremony'... the choir sang a carol to St Nicholas while the tree in front of the church came alive with beautiful Christmas lights. The lights will stay on through the fast and Nativity season.

Following the festive tree lighting, we began the Vigil service for the saint. All attending were anointed with oil from the lampada burning above the relics of St Nicholas in Bari, Italy. We are also blessed to have a portion of the saint's relics in our icon. A piece of cotton soaked in myrrh from the myrhh-streaming icon of St Nicholas was also available for veneration. 

Liturgy followed early on Wednesday morning...

Saint Nicholas is one of the most popular saints, beloved all over the world for his zeal and for his generosity of heart which cared for so many during his lifetime and continues to guide and guard all those who call out to him in faith. 

Through the prayers of our holy father Nicholas, may Christ save us and have mercy on us!

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