St Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
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Visit from Woodside Priory

On Sunday, December 10th, St Herman's was visited by students from the Woodside Priory School in Portola Valley. Students from the Christian Scriptures class were on assignment to visit some local churches to experience their worship service and to ask questions of the priest.

Five wonderful students were in attendance and stayed after the Liturgy to ask follow-up questions about what they had witnessed in the Divine Liturgy, about the history and teachings of the Orthodox Church, about the Orthodox Church's stances on various contemporary social issues, etc.

Fr Martin and Fr Deacon Andrew sat with the students to address their questions. The students seemed interested and engaged... it was a joy to have them with us. 

We hope that they also enjoyed their visit to St Herman's and hope to see them again some time.

May God bless their studies and may the blessings and prayers of St Herman guide them in their lives.

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